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Old-School Essentials: Advanced Fantasy Kickstarter Funds in First Hours

New OSE supplements are up for crowdfunding

Yesterday saw the launch of a new Kickstarter to bring four new supplements to the Old-School Essentials roleplaying game. On offer, from Necrotic Gnome and Exalted Funeral, are the Genre Rules, Druid and Illusionist Spells, Monsters, and Treasure supplements. The project is fully funded and the four volumes of Old-School Essentials: Advanced Fantasy can be reserved for a $60.00 pledge, which also included the PDFs, through September 11. Expected delivery is March of next year.

From Necrotic Gnome:

The essential old-school fantasy RPG, now expanded with advanced character options, magic, and monsters — plus brand new adventures!

The base Old-School Essentials game is a faithful retelling of the 1981 Basic/Expert rules, beloved for their simplicity, clarity, and flexibility. But sometimes you want MORE!

In answer to that call, we’re now primed to massively expand the game, adding reams of exciting content inspired by the ever-popular Advanced 1st Edition rules. All that delicious esoteric 1970s flavour you crave is here — assassins, poisons, drow, half-orcs, mimics, xorns, vorpal swords, ioun stones… even the dreaded tarrasque! More classes, more magic, more monsters, more options. All 100% compatible with the Basic/Expert rules and presented in the familiar Old-School Essentials style.

The Advanced Fantasy material is also available as four supplements to the base game, adding new character options, spells, monsters, and magic items.

Want the complete set of four Advanced Fantasy supplements to expand the base Old-School Essentials game? Go for the Dungeon Mapper pledge level which includes the genre rules, druid and illusionist rules, monsters, and treasures.

Old-School Essentials Advanced Fantasy Book (Necrotic Gnome/Exalted Funeral)

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