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‘Old School Tactical Volume III’ Crushes Kickstarter Funding Goal in First Hours

Old School Tactical Volume III: The Pacific Theater Counters and Map (Flying Pig Games)

Old School Tactical Volume III: The Pacific Theater (Flying Pig Games)It only took a few hours for the latest entry in the Flying Pig Games WWII Old School Tactical series to blow apart its Kickstarter funding goal. Old School Tactical Volume III takes the wargaming action to the Pacific theater as it features sixteen scenarios covering a variety of island based engagements. The game is for two players, ages 14+, and plays in 60 minutes or more depending on the scenario. You can reserve a copy of OST3 (plus all unlocked stretch goals) for a $75 pledge through July 27th and there’s also an expansion add on – Hell Bent – available for $35.00. Expected delivery is January of next year.

From Flying Pig:

Old School Tactical (OST) Vol III brings the popular OST system to the Pacific Theater of World War II. Fight in the jungles and on the beaches against both the Imperial Japanese Army and Naval (Marine) units. Unlike other OST soldiers, the fanatical Japanese have no Gut Check number, preferring death to dishonor. The Japanese also come with the new tank-killer units and, of course, rules for the feared Banzai attack. The Americans answer with canister rounds for their Stuart tank, the famed Marine firepower and discipline, and plenty of armor and artillery support.  

Old School Tactical Volume III: The Pacific Theater Counters and Map (Flying Pig Games)We want to make Old School Tactical the best game we can make. Those who have backed any of our previous projects know that we make high-quality, high-fun wargames. Old School Tactical Vol III: Pacific War 1942-45 will be no different. Thick counters, colorful rules, a HUGE mounted map, but even more importantly a solid game system, backed by tense, well-tested scenarios.

The game ships with 16 of those scenarios, including Alligator Creek (Henderson Field),Edson’s Ridge (Guadalcanal), In the Coconut Grove (Bougainville), First Clash (Guadalcanal), and more. New units include  Chi-Ha and Ha-Go tanks, Japanese Sappers, Type 99 LMG, Type 92 HMG, Type 89 Mortar, and more. On the American side there are LVTs, flamethrower tanks, Marine rifle units, Army rifle units, 37mm ATG (yeah, it fires canister), to name just a few. 

It’s all packed into the quick-playing fun of Old School Tactical, set in the tense Pacific theater of operations.

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Written by Jeff McAleer

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