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Original Adventures Reincarnated #7: Dark Tower Begins Kickstarter Run

Goodman Games is Kickstarting a new adaptation of Dark Tower

Dark Tower (Judges Guild)The classic Judge’s Guild Dungeons & Dragons adventure Dark Tower is the latest to be reimagined, by Goodman Games, for modern day gamers. Original Adventures Reincarnated #7: Dark Tower will be produced as a three volume slipcase in both a 5E and Dungeon Crawl Classics editions. The Kickstarter is over 2300% funded and you can reserve a copy of either the 5E or DCC editions in hardcover slipcases for a $100.00 pledge or grab them in PDF for a $50.00 pledge through June 14th with an expected delivery of June 2023.

About the project:

This classic adventure is getting the full OAR treatment, with reprints of the original module and an updated version for 5E! On top of that, there will ALSO be a version that adapts the module for DCC RPG!

OAR #7: The Dark Tower will be a slipcased 3-book set, collecting old and new material. Volume 1 reprints the original module with introductions and historical commentary. Volume 2 is the 5E rules conversion of the original adventure, The Dark Tower. And volume 3 is an entirely new series of adventures entitled The Chosen Sons of Set, building on the concepts presented in the original Dark Tower publication.

Ranked by Dungeon magazine as one of the top 30 adventure modules of all time, Goodman Games is proud to be working with Jennell Jaquays to bring her classic adventure to life for a whole new audience.

The desert sands are stirring. Something has risen from the dunes, threatening the world with a looming shadow. The Kickstarter for OAR #7: The Dark Tower has launched—and streaked by the first few Stretch Goals in fact! Act now to get in on some early bird bonuses!

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