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OSE: Hideous Daylight Adventure is Available in Print and PDF

The well received OSE adventure can be had in softcover

Old School Essentials Hideous Daylight (Swordlords Publishing)The very well received Swordlords Publishing fantasy roleplaying adventure Hideous Daylight, for Old School Essentials, is now available in print and PDF. The heroes will answer the call to find why the sun no longer sets on the king’s favorite garden. The 34 page adventure can be had from DriveThruRPG in softcover (including the PDF) for $9.99 or in PDF alone for $5.99.

About the tale:

Enter a garden of earthly delights.

The sun has stopped setting over the king’s favorite garden. It seemed like a harmless curiosity at first but the animals have turned violent and strange alien beings have appeared. The duke has placed a bounty for enterprising sell-swords to end the curse of endless daylight. 

Hideous Daylight is an adventure module for Old-School Essentials and compatible with other pen-and-paper RPGs with old-school sensibilities. Player characters will navigate a 20 point hex crawl to end the strange curse affecting the land. 

  • An adventure for low-level characters.
  • 33 pages of non-linear, character driven adventure in the OSR tradition. 
  • Two keyed dungeons and a 20 point hex-crawl.
  • A bucolic fantasy setting easily insertable into fantasy RPG campaigns.
  • Dangerous new monsters, weird magic items, and an unpredictable random encounters table.
  • Features two gazebos.
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