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‘Outbreak: Undead’ Second Edition RPG Hits Kickstarter

Outbreak Undead: Second Edition (Hunters Books)Yesterday marked the crowdfunding launch for a second edition of the Hunters Books roleplaying game Outbreak: Undead. You may recall I reviewed the first edition on our Halloween podcast a few years back and dug the system but felt the presentation just wasn’t my cup of tea. This new edition of the zombie apocalypse RPG promises a much more polished look. The project has already funded and you can reserve a copy of both core books, as well as any stretch goals, in PDF at the $35.00 pledge level or in hardcover at the $100.00 pledge level.

From Hunters Books:

Hunters Books, a book publishing and game design company with multiple successes in the interactive gameplay space have announced they are bringing back their Award Winning title Outbreak: Undead with  a new edition. Fans should expect a more streamlined set of rules, while keeping the survival horror theme that has come to be expected of the title. Players should expect final delivery of products in 2018.

Outbreak: Undead 2nd Edition has been 7+ years in the making, and is now ready to be introduced to the community via Kickstarter. In only 5 hours the campaign funded 100% of its needed goal, and is now targeting hopeful additions such as are acrylic tokens, exclusive survivors binders, a special edition Syrinscape Soundset, and plenty more. “We are ready to take on the next challenge with this new system”, says Ivan Van Norman, co-founder of Hunters Books. “Fans and new players alike will enjoy a game that is both fast, easy-to-play, and tackles all those hard Survival Horror elements”.

Outbreak: Undead will also expand on the SPEW-AI, which was specifically designed to allow players to create themselves as characters in the Zombie Apocalypse.

To launch this endeavor Hunters Books has taken to Kickstarter with following promises:

  • Expand in DETAIL the rules of the game in both a Survivor’s Guide for Players, as well as a Game Master’s Guide for the aspiring GM. Both books will help players and game masters craft their outbreak scenarios.
  • Make OPPONENTS that are the perfect fit for your players worst nightmares.
  • Play the game at a level of REALISM that is most intriguing to your group.
  • Run group TACTICS, and wisely use COMPETENCE POINTS to give you the best odds at survival.

Expected delivery is expected in 2018, while the time to jump in on the goals will end in 2017.

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