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Paizo Reveals 2014 Pathfinder Product Lineup

Pathfinder LogoFour major 2014 releases have been announced for Pathfinder from Paizo Publishing. Next year will see three releases for the roleplaying game as well as a large update to the Pathfinder Battles Miniatures Game.

February will bring the first of a series of monthly releases focusing on groups of tomb raiding explorers: Pathfinder Adventure Paths – The Mummy’s Mask. This series will pit the players in a grand campaign to thwart the plans of an ancient pharaoh returned from the grave. Each adventure should carry an MSRP of $22.95.

A new campaign book arrives in March with Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Inner Sea Gods. Clocking in at 300 pages, this hardcover tome will tackle Golarion’s Inner Sea region with plenty of info about the religions of the area as well as new character classes, feats, spells, monsters and more. The MSRP for the sourcebook will be $39.99.

Shipping in April will be the 128 page Pathfinder Strategy Guide, also a hardcover, which give players tips and tricks on advancing their character through the dangers of the Pathfinder universe. The MSRP for the strategy guide is $29.99.

Later in 2014 comes a 55 figure collection of prepainted minis for use with the battle game. Pathfinder Battles – Legends of Golarion will feature all new sculpts, gathered from the artwork contained in previous published supplements, crafted by WizKids Games. Battles Legends of Golarion should be on store shelves in October but pricing information isn’t available as of yet.

Jeff McAleer

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