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‘Part-Time Gods Second Edition’ RPG Secures First Day Kickstarter Funding

Part-Time Gods 2nd Edition (Third Eye Games)Eloy Lasanta and the team at Third Eye Games scored big success with their Kickstarter launch of Part Time Gods Second Edition as the project funded in the first seven hours. The roleplaying game allows players to take on the mantle of godhood (although mainly rather minor gods) in today’s mortal world, filled with both the wondrous and mundane. Currently you can secure a copy of the PDF at a $20.00 pledge level or The PDF/Print combo at a $50.00 pledge level (both include PDF stretch goals) through June 10. Expected delivery is July of this year.

From Third Eye:

Part-Time Gods Second Edition (PTG2E) is the latest iteration of a tabletop roleplaying game about the balancing act between influential gods and the people, groups, and places in their lives that keep them tied to their humanity. This game gives players the tools to create their own gods and go on to tell dramatic, exciting, and engaging stories — the kind only PTG2Ecan deliver! 

Part-Time Gods Second Edition is a roleplaying game about modern gods who must balance the mortal and divine natures of their new life. The game has many inspirations, from American Gods, The Almighty Johnsons, Thor comics, and the Percy Jackson novel series to name just a few. It can be used to tell a number of different stories: 

  • Personal Struggles: Some stories explore more of the mortal side, how keeping a job is hard with monsters on your tail, and deal with exploring who the character truly is and what it means to be human.
  • Divine Conflicts: Many times, a god’s biggest enemy will be another god who wants what they have, whether it be their territory, relics, or even their mortal happiness. These stories erupt as god faces off against god in a back-and-forth that makes them thankful they have a pantheon to lean on. 
  • Defending Territory: Other stories involve an onslaught of monsters, called Outsiders, as they come to the god’s territory to wage war or even just to live their own lives. Some Outsiders include hefty minotaurs, the unstoppable god-killers, or the blood-thirsty manananggal.
  • Quests: Some may want to dive headfirst into quests for mythological artifacts and hidden portals to lost worlds with untold dangers. 

Part-Time Gods 2nd Edition Kicksterter Splash (Third Eye Games)

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