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Pay What You Want for Call of Cthulhu: Does Love Forgive? and Support the People of Ukraine

Grab the Call of Cthulhu adventure supplement and help the people of Ukraine

Does Love Forgive? (Chaosium Inc)Beginning yesterday, and lasting two weeks, the Call of Cthulhu adventure supplement Does Love Forgive? is a Pay What You Want PDF at DriveThruRPG with a request from Chaosium Inc; donate what you would have normally spent ($5.99) to an organization supporting the people of Ukraine. Grab two CofC adventures and join millions helping the victims of an unjust war.

About the offer from Chaosium Inc:

Dear friends,

We’re making the Call of Cthulhu scenario collection Does Love Forgive? ‘Pay-What-You-Want’ for the next two weeks (regular price is USD$5.99). 

If you download it, instead of paying us, we encourage you to make a donation to organisations supporting people seeking safety from the conflict in Ukraine.

Does Love Forgive? was originally published in Polish by our friends Black Monk Games. 

As a neighbor to Ukraine, Poland is welcoming an influx of refugees — it is reported over 327,000 people have sought refuge so far, with a queue still going for many miles on the Ukranian side of the border. Black Monk is running their own charitable support efforts, and have links where you can donate directly to Polish aid organisations. 

Here are some other places where you can donate:

International Committee of the Red Cross – Ukraine Crisis
UNHCR United Nations Refugee Committee – Ukraine Emergency
Save the Children – Ukraine Crisis
Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontieres – Ukraine

National Public Radio (NPR) also has a non-exhaustive list of organizations that are asking for assistance.

As our friends Black Monk have said, “We can’t do much alone, but together we have the strength that matters.”

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