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Pebble Rock Delivery Service is Sailing Into Stores This Month

Skybound is releasing a light family game in late January

Skybound Games is about to release a light, introductory pick up and deliver game later this month. In Pebble Rock Delivery Service, players will sail their ships to islands around Pebble Rock in order to deliver very important cargo. The game is for two to four players, ages 8+, plays in 30 to 45 minutes, and will carry an MSRP of $25.00 when it arrives on January 27th.

About the game:

Pebble Rock Delivery service is a lightweight pickup and delivery game for gamers and their families. Plan your routes well, manage your cargo carefully, and watch out! A hungry shark and a band of pirates have taken up in these waters and are always looking for unsuspecting delivery boats.

Pebble Rock Delivery Service is designed to be an entry level gateway game, the kind of game you introduce your children to in the hope it sews a seed and a love for board games.

It’s based on a simple delivery system where you firstly pick a random delivery list (The plan is to have several lists with different numbers of deliveries on them, this way parents can choose a deck with a couple of deliveries on them for a short burst game and longer lists for something more time intensive). The players will be given a finite amount of rounds to fulfil those deliveries. You then move outwards from the lighthouse, the main hub of the game to make your deliveries using a simple dice roll, the board contains event spaces which trigger event cards, your usual fair of help or hinder events that can be overcome with objects bought from island shops or given to you for completing objectives.

The game comes with character/boat game cards which show your current items, cargo and also damage. Every piece of cargo delivered increases your speed by one and every time you damage your boat it’s decreased by one. The objective being that delivering goods and looking after your boat make you faster and more efficient, and ultimately the first back home after completing your deliveries. The game has scope for co-op, single player or competitive play with no major changes to the rules.

Pebble Rock Delivery Service Layout (Skybound Games)

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