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‘Platoon Commander Deluxe: Kursk’ is Available for Preorder

Platoon Commander Deluxe: The Battle of Kursk (Flying Pig Games)The latest big box wargame from Flying Pig Games is on the horizon and preorders have opened for Platoon Commander Deluxe: Kursk. The largest tank battle of WWII is the subject of this monster game as players will be treated to large scale maps and extra chunky counters to pit the forces of Germany and Mother Russia on the Eastern Front of 1943. Platoon Commander Deluxe: Kursk will carry an MSRP of $100.00 but right now you can preorder and score the title for $75.00.

From Flying Pig:

Kursk. Many historians believe it was the turning point of World War II. Kursk. Witness to the largest tank battle of the entire war. Kursk. The end of the myth of German invincibility. Kursk. Just one hell of a lot of fun to game with 1” square cardboard counters representing platoons of infantry and tanks and batteries of anti-tank guns, mortars, and stuff. And that is what you get with Platoon Commander Deluxe: Kursk.

Platoon Commander Deluxe: Kursk (PCD:K) is a big box, mounted map, large counter, visually appealing game. Each game includes two mounted 22” x 17” geomorphic maps, and four sheets of thick (as in 2mm thick, wow these counters are so easy to pick up, thick, why haven’t wargames been like this forever, thick), 1” square counters. There are Tiger tanks, Panther tanks, Mk IV tanks, T-34/76 tanks, KV-1 tanks, SU-152 assault guns, infantry (rifle, guards, pioneers, submachinegun), mortar batteries, Stukas, IL-2, and more.

It’s a system that grognards and newbies alike can enjoy. The counters are large, easy to read, and beautifully illustrated. There is no jungle of numbers to wade through; the range at which a unit can fire is indicated by the color of the placard (badge?) behind the attack factor. Although gamers need not fiddle with unit facing, simple rules account for flanking fire. And infantry isn’t forgotten either. Platoon Commander Deluxe uses a unique system in which infantry assaults from adjacent hexes, allowing commanders to concentrate overwhelming force at a critical point and even conduct flank attacks. And woe be the Tiger platoon caught unsupported in the midst of a city by a horde of Russian rifleman.

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