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Polish Board Game Celebrates Late Pope’s Travels

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In Poland, you no longer have to just read about the extensive travels of the late Pope John Paul II.  Now you can relive them in a new board game published by the Polish Board Games publisher.

Marek Oczkowski, the head of the game company, says the game was released in October to mark the 32nd anniversary of John Paul’s election and already has sold several hundred copies.

The game was designed for between 2 and 4 players, and is a roll and move game that takes you on a tour of over 130 countries around the world.  Players collect cards and discover what messages the Pope delivered in each location.

The game can be yours for around 69 zloty ($24).  How you would go about buying the game, I have been unable to acertain.  I have also been unable to discover whether there is only one board game publisher in Poland, and if it is state run.


  1. I didn’t notice a title of the game. Would it happen to be Pope-a-palooza? :p

    I wouldn’t think that the publisher would be state run seeing that Poland is a democracy, with a president as a head of state, whose current constitution dates from 1997.

  2. So you are saying that they don’t have a “Board of Board Games”?


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