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Preorder Rise! from Crash Games

Successfully Kickstartered, Rise! is a new two player strategy game for the whole family which can now be preordered from Crash Games. I believe Rise! may also be a Game Salute exclusive so you might want to pop over to take a peek.

From Crash Games:

In Rise! you must build three towers before your opponent beats you in a battle to rise to the top! By cleverly surrounding an empty space with six workers you will break new ground and lay the foundation on a path to victory. Take caution though, if you lose sight of your opponent’s plans your towers may be left in the dust!

In this simple yet strategic game for the whole family, two players battle it out by both adding to the ever changing board and placing their workers strategically to watch their towers Rise! While seemingly simple the entire game can change with the placement of a tile or a fiendish movement with a worker. What actions will you take in a game where winners must balance their construction with the destruction of their opponent?


Jeff McAleer

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