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Preorders are Available for Deluxe Edition of ‘Victoria Cross II’

Victoria Cross II (Worthington Publishing)The title which launched Worthington Publishing has returned in a new deluxe edition and you can save big with the preorder. Victoria Cross II Deluxe Edition features both the battles of Rourke’s Drift as well as Isandlwana with options to play either solitaire or with two players. The game is for ages 12+ and each scenario plays out in around two hours. Currently you can score the game at a special preorder price of $69.00 while the eventual MSRP will be $90.00.

From Worthington:

Come celebrate Worthington’s 15th anniversary as we reprint the game that started it all.  In 2004 we converted one of our favorite all time battles into an epic wargame that is still one of our favorites.  Both print runs sold out quickly.  In VICTORIA CROSS II DELUXE EDITION you get to lead either the British, or Zulu army in the game for the desperate struggle for the small mission outpost at Rorke’s Drift. The battle where 150 British soldiers held off 4,000 Zulu warriors, immortalized in the famous movie, ZULU.   Also included is the battle that destroyed a British army, Isandlwana.  Where 1,500 British and Native soldiers were wiped out by a Zulu army in one of the British army’s greatest defeats.  Both battles occurred the same day.

Two complete games in one box!

This 15th Anniversary Deluxe edition includes all deluxe components including a large double sided hard mounted game board, one side having the Isandlwana, with the other side having Rorke’s Drift.  Deluxe large 1″ counters with rounded corners for the British units, and 2″ long Zulu counters with rounded corners. The game also includes 2 copies of the rule book, dice, 2 copies of the player aid, as well as a special solitaire bot aid for manuevering the Zulu.

Each battle is playable by 2 players.  In the solitaire versions of each game, you play the British with a bot engine for the Zulu player.  Each battle is playable in under 2 hours.

Victoria Cross II Rourke's Drift Board (Worthington Publishing)

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