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Ravage Magazine #4 Now Available

The fourth issue of the  US edition of Ravage magazine is now available from CoolMiniorNot. This issue features loads of info about a slew of your favorite (and possible soon to be new favorite) miniatures games as well as detailed steps for painting better minis. The cover price is $6.99.

From CMON:

Ravage Magazine US Issue number 4 is the next step toward an evolved miniature gaming magazine. We are doing everything we can to make each issue better than the last, with our content ever-moving towards being unique and never-before-seen in print! Our staff has gone to great lengths to pack it full with useful game information and hobby skills from a host of different professionals and companies throughout the industry. Each issue of Ravage US allows us a chance to help build a stronger presence between the varied facets of the miniature game industry.

We publish it to give different game publishers and artistry companies an avenue upon which they can open their creative minds and share with readers all over the world. This magazine offers information from sources that some readers may not otherwise get the chance to see. This is what Ravage means to the industry as a whole – creating a common place where all miniature games, gamers and designers can come together to strengthen gaming everywhere.

Ravage US #4 contains a host of articles that combine to form a gorgeous volume of useful and entertaining information. This issue contains interviews with several game designers from the floor of GenCon, a great instruction on how to befoul a portion of a model using common paint techniques, reviews of new games and products headed to stores, and the first of many content-based articles for Zombicide, a review of Cipher Studio’s horrific and fantastic Hell Dorado, and a good look at the new and improved Warhammer 40,000 6th Edition. All of that and more, printed in a full-color, high quality format for the low MSRP of $6.99!

Jeff McAleer

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