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Reaper Reveals 2013 ReaperCon Sophie Green and Art

ReaperCon is coming April 18th – 21st to Denton, TX and Reaper Miniatures has revealed the mock up for this year’s exclusive Sophie miniature as well as the artwork for the exclusive con t-shirt. Tickets are still on sale and you can have your chance at getting your hands on the exclusive swag (even if you don’t attend) which have made the convention a major highlight for mini enthusiasts. Preregistration for all four days is $30.

From Reaper:

I’m really excited about this one. Some of you may have already seen her in our preview gallery, but for those who haven’t here’s our latest ReaperCon Sophie design:

She’s been sculpted for us this year by the excellent Derek Schubert. Sophie will be availabe here at ReaperCon, in the swag bag you get for registering, and in our online store for the duration of the con. So, really, there’s no good excuse to not get one for yourself.

Speaking of Sophie, here’s Tim “Talin” Collier’s rendition of her for this year:

Reaper Con Sophie 2013
She’s going to be on your con t-shirt, if you pre-ordered one. Full color on black. It’s pretty cool. And the only way to guarantee one in your size is to pre-register for the con.

Last thing: in order to get all the t-shirts printed in time, we’re going to be shutting off pre-registration for ReaperCon a couple of weeks. So if you’re on the fence about going or about not going and registering just to get your hands on the swag bag and t-shirt, you’re running out of time. See you at ReaperCon in a few weeks!

Jeff McAleer

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