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Resident Evil Deck Building Game Released Friday

Bandai America has announced that Resident Evil: Deck Building Game will be released this Friday, Dec 3rd.  

From Bandai America:

Finally, the launch of the Resident Evil DBG is coming this Friday, December 3rd!  Visit to take a look at the new look Resident Evil DBG website.  Check out our online “How to Play” flash video plus the latest news, articles and store locator for up to date information on the Resident Evil DBG and upcoming expansions.

What is Resident Evil DBG?

Immerse yourself in the critically acclaimed world created by Capcom, where friends become foes, survival becomes paramount, and where death is not necessarily the end. Arm yourself with the most powerful weapons you can, for the infected know no exhaustion, no pain, and hunger for carnage and destruction.

How is it played?

Compete with friends to escape the Mansion first, destroy as many Infected as you can, or have a showdown to see who will come out on top. How you play is your decision, whether you live or escape is up to Infected…

What is included?

250 Originally designed cards with scenes straight from the Resident Evil™ series!

3 different play modes: Story, Mercenary, and Versus Modes.

Ages 13+

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