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‘Rise of Moloch’ Clears $400k in First Few Kickstarter Hours

Rise of Moloch (Cool Mini or Not)Looks as if Cool Mini or Not has another Kickstarter goliath on their hands as The World of SMOG: Rise of Moloch has surpassed $400k in its first few hours. As the second game in the Victorian steampunk age SMOG setting, Rise of Moloch pits the Gentlemen of the Unicorn Club against The Cult and their evil machinations. Up to five players can take part as one controls the Nemesis while the others assume the roles of the daring do gooders.

While I can’t tell you if the gameplay is anything to write home about (although it does look interesting) the miniatures certainly look smashing! The core game includes 68 minis in the mix of goodies and plenty more have been unlocked as stretch goals. You can reserve a copy of the base game, and all applicable stretch goals, at the $100 pledge level.

From CMON:

Rise of Moloch is a Victorian, adventure board game for 2 to 5 players. One player will act as the Nemesis and take control of the secret society called The Cult that plans to install a government of the dead. The rest of the players cooperate as the Gentlemen of the Unicorn Club, dedicated to foiling the conspiracies that threaten the Crown.

Rise of Moloch is set in the fantastic, steampunk setting of ‘The World of SMOG’. This is CMON’s second tabletop entry in this universe, the first one being “On Her Majesty’s Service.” Rise of Moloch is from the same publishers of the popular Zombicide series and Massive Darkness: CMON and Guillotine Games. The amazing art from Keith Thompson and Christophe Madura give Rise of Moloch a classy and elegant look, complemented by its amazing miniatures!

In Rise of Moloch, archaeologists have discovered the means to reanimate dead bodies, quickly replacing mechanical inventions with cheap, undead labor, putting England in dire peril. The campaign consists of six different Chapters. Each one has a unique set of goals and losing conditions for both the Gentlemen and the Nemesis to accomplish. There are many different paths players can follow, and everything from Events, to Upgrades, to the results of different battles and encounters will shape the way players experience the game as they progress. No two campaigns are ever the same!

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