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Ruinous Explorations Solo Rules for Worlds Without Number is Out in PDF

A solo expansion for WWN arrives in Ruinous Explorations

Ruinous Explorations Solo Worlds Without Number (Parts Per Million)A new supplement designed for the popular fantasy RPG Worlds Without Number has arrived from Parts Per Million. This short book, Ruinous Explorations, contains icon based solitaire rules and tables in order to enjoy the game without a GM. The 36 page PDF is available at DriveThruRPG for $4.95.

About the release:

Ruinous Explorations Solo Rules Compatible with Worlds Without Number

Worlds Without Number is Kevin Crawford’s fantasy OSR game of sandbox adventure. The rules in this supplement add solo play to that game. It uses a simple set of rules to push decisions out to dice rolls. These answer yes-no style questions, control NPCs, and events outside your character’s control.

There is an icon-driven oracle for creating concepts. These are used to answer questions that cannot be answered yes or no, and for creating features of your adventures.

There’s also the technique of custom oracles. These are a simple d6 table with four entries, two more common, and two less common. You will create these on-the-fly, as you play. They add a level of detail that is perfectly customized to your style of play. There are plenty of examples of creating these instant, bespoke tables.

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