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RuneQuest: Weapons & Equipment is Available in PDF

RuneQuest: Weapons & Equipment (Chaosium Inc)

RuneQuest: Weapons & Equipment (Chaosium Inc)The latest RuneQuest supplement has arrived from Chaosium Inc. Arm and equip your player characters with RuneQuest: Weapons & Equipment. The 128 page PDF is available at DriveThruRPG for $17.99.

About the book:

Wondrous items and essential goods for adventurers in the world of RuneQuest

RuneQuest: Weapons & Equipment is an essential guide to a wide range of items, goods, services, training, magical items, and beasts for both players and Game Masters.

Expand your Armory

A plethora of new adventuring equipment, as well as new close combat weapons, melee weapons and armor. Every type of hammer, spear, sword, and much more is detailed. Diversify your adventuring party with no character wielding the same statistics and rules.

New and compiled rules for beasts of burden, mounts, and awakened animals. Prices and rules for warbeasts, exotic animals, and pack animals accompany stats for riding equipment and even mobile dwellings!

New rules for land ownership allows your adventurers to expand their foothold in Glorantha. The book contains rules for the quality of land, prices of different dwellings, unique land features, fortifications, as well as developing and improving your land over time.

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