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Spring 2015: Radiant Games Too Broke to Publish ‘Up Front!’ or ‘Airborne in Your Pocket’

Up Front from Avalon HillFollowing more than a year of complete silence in regards to both the Up Front! and Airborne in Your Pocket Kickstarter projects, Rik Falch of Radiant Games finally broke the silence. Late last month Falch posted this on the Up Front! update page:

Hello All,  

We have finally concluded the lawsuit with Phil Sauer, this has left our company depleted of all resources as most would understand happens from lawsuits.  

We were unable to post status updates during that time and now that the case has been dismissed, we can speak to the future of Up Front.  

We are trying to find some help from some other publishers to complete this project and move forward. There is interest and we are working to sort out the details but nothing has been agreed to.  

Your understanding during this time while we try to get this completed will be appreciated. Once we have solidified a deal, there will be an announcement. We appreciate these folks listening to our plea and we are hopeful to come to an arrangement as quickly as possible.  

Our biggest concern is that the supporters of this project can see the finished product.  

Best Regards

Falch’s statement comes as no revelation to backers of both delayed projects. The Airborne in Your Pocket page contains the identical post with AiYP replacing the Up Front! wording.

Once again it looks as if Falch is continuing the charade Radiant (or whatever they’re calling the company this week) will attempt to publish either of these games. Sorry to say it appears as if some backers are still holding onto the hope Falch is as good as his word. I have to admit I don’t know much about the status of the designer of AiYP but my understanding is whatever rights Up Front!’s designer Courtney F. Allen holds to the game reverted back to the creator this past February. Or, in other words, Radiant probably no longer possess the rights to publish Up Front! at all.

Sorry to say it looks like Up Front! and Airborne in Your Pocket are both deader than Caesar for the time being.

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