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Star Trek: Attack Wing Announced by WizKids

Star Trek: Attack WingThe folks over at WizKids take their Star Trek seriously as they already have some very successful titles based on the IP. Now, by licensing the Flight Path mechanics utilized in FFG’s Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game, WizKids plans a Gen Con 2013 release for Star Trek: Attack Wing. Even though the Trek game will utilize many of the same mechanics as X-Wing the two titles will not be compatible with FFG titles.

The new game will allow players to build their fleets while assigning famous crew members to each fleet. I’m assuming the system will take into account starships can deal and sustain a lot more damage than space fighters. Each fleet will have special abilities and can be upgraded and customized by the players. The minis will be sold in three ship starter packs (no blind boosters for this release) as well as single ship blisters. Currently there’s no word on the MSRP for the starters or blisters or what this might mean for the future of Star Trek Fleet Captains.

Based on the popularity of X-Wing, Star Trek: Attack Wing is sure to be a game to watch this Summer!



Jeff McAleer

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