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Star Trek Fleet Captains Also Coming from WizKids

We talked about Expeditions coming from WizKids, but they have another Star Trek themed game in the works, due out this year. It’s called Star Trek Fleet Captains, designed by Mike Elliott. While not a lot of info is out yet, the game will be a 2-4 player game featuring the Federation vs the Klingons. It will come with 24, count them, 24 different pre-painted miniature starships, which is enough reason for me to pick it up without the actual game even included.

However there is a game included, with a hex-tile filled sector of space waiting to be explored. Sooner or later the players fleets will run into each other and violence will ensue. The last fleet remaining wins. There is also a deck of Star Trek cards offering different options throughout the game.

It’s non-collectible, every copy comes with all 24 ships.

Actually, here is everything it comes with:

•24 highly detailed, painted miniature starships (12 federation, 12 Klingon)
•24 Ship information cards
•50 Galaxy location tiles
•200 Command Cards (100 Federation, 100 Klingon)
•50 Encounter Cards
•76 Mission Cards
•Available Fall 2011

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