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Stygian Fox has Released Two New Call of Cthulhu Adventures in PDF

Stygian Fox has released two new Call of Cthulhu tales of terror through DriveThruRPG. Thorston, The Shunned Town on the Dee is a Victorian era supplement perfect for gaslamp adventures and the 52 page PDF carries an MSRP of $14.99. I Want to Play is a modern adventure set in a European town which seems to be almost cursed and the 42 page PDF carries an MSRP of $14.99.

From Stygian Fox:

Thorston, The Shunned Town on the Dee (Stygian Fox)Thorston, The Shunned Town On The Dee

Thorston, The Shunned Town On The Dee is a sourcebook and adventure for the Call of Cthulhu RPG in a Victorian setting and can be used with the core 7th edition rules, the sourcebook Hudson & Brand Inquiry Agents of the Obscure, or can be adapted to 6th edition Cthulhu by Gaslight.

The coastal “town” of Thorston (pronounced ‘Thorston’) is like a bedraggled half-dead beast washed upon the shore of the Dee Estuary. It was once a happy community but now lies overgrown and gently fading into obscurity, its remnants a haven for scavengers, the dispossessed and worse things that ply their midnight trades. Found in the north-west of England on the Wirral Peninsula between the industrial port city of Liverpool and the county seat of Chester, Thorston is mostly ignored by its neighbours out of a general sense of unease, either at the dilapidated state of the vagabond-infested ruins, or something much more primal which grips at the hearts of those who venture too close. Will it survive much past the 1890s or will it finally be allowed to die?

52 pages- MSRP $14.99

I Want to Play (Stygian Fox)I Want to Play

‘I Want To Play’ is a modern day Call of Cthulhu adventure based in a quiet seaside town desperate to raise its fortunes when a horrific murder takes place in the new holiday village. Was it just a random murder? Some people in the town are saddened but happy that Hemsby is on the map again after existing in the doldrums for so long. With its addiction issues, its unemployment, its abandoned caravans and chalets, its lingering recession, and a peculiar increase in violence, Hemsby is facing the same issues many seaside resorts across northern Europe face but, for some inexplicable reason, they seem to be worse here. Just what has gripped Hemsby? Immigrants are blamed. The marginalised are blamed. The quiet stranger is blamed. The once-friendly neighbour is blamed. Can the investigators get to the root of the issue before the town explodes in violence or people start leaving? What stalks the town? What is causing the tension to rise?

42 pages- MSRP $14.99

Jeff McAleer

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