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Super Dungeon Explore Expands with Caverns of Roxor

This October fans of the super deformed/anime inspired fantasy miniatures game Super Dungeon Explore will have plenty of new figures to add to the action. Caverns of Roxor will include 31 new fully assembled minis as well as new game components and carries an MSRP of $59.99.

From Soda Pop Miniatures:

Into the Fiery Depths! Delve into the next level with Caverns of Roxor, the first major expansion to Super Dungeon Explore. Expand game play for both Hero and Consul players, and build your battle strategy with new monsters, heroes, and treasures. This expansion includes:

  • 31 fully assembled Soda Pop Miniatures
  • New Boxx: Roxor, and his assistant, Rock Gut the Troll
  • 3 New Heroes: Princess Ruby, Deeproot Scout, and Star Guild Scrapper
  • New minions with unique treasure cards: Rock Tops and Fireflow Denziens
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Jeff McAleer

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