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The Gaming Gang Episode Four: Can Heroscape Be Saved?

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This week Elliott and I take an extended look at the cancellation of Heroscape and how there may be life in the old gal yet. There’s a lot of work ahead for fans of the game if they want to keep the franchise alive! But before that James shares where he came up with the name for “Owl House Game Day” and chimes in with his “desert island” board game. We’ll reveal our picks as well and take a look at a true board game classic, B-17: Queen of the Skies from Avalon Hill.

Hopefully James should have the extended show notes up in the next few days.

We understand that people might be stopping by to specifically hear what we have to say about Heroscape and if they don’t want to catch the entire show they can forward to around the 48 minute mark.

Download the show to take it on the go right here!

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Show notes! (And I’ll get the links put in later this morning.)

Game Previews [1:10]

Games Played Report [3:59]

  • Elliott and Jeff play Agricola online (maybe here?)

The James (part of the) Gang [11:50]

Desert Island Games

  • James picks [16:15]
  • Jeff and Elliott pick [19:20]

Classic Games [23:30]

Thoughts on Gaming [35:30]

Contest Winner [1:11:10]

Stay tuned for another contest in the next show!

Heading Out [1:12:10]

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  1. I haven’t referred to anyone as a crackpot regardless of what website they hang out at. Far from it! Ok, the petition idea is kind of silly and I mentioned it’s probably not a way to effectively invest energy by sending petions without putting real names to it. The main point was not to waste time or money trying to convince Hasbro or Wizards to a change of heart; we’re not talking about a write in campaign to save a tv show because there are no sponsors to offset the cost of production.

    The fact of price depends on the production facilities available to anyone picking up the rights to the game. If it’s a company that has to farm everything out the cost of the game will soar and it will be marketed to the adult gamer. Not the children the product was originally intended for.

  2. I’m one of the crackpots on
    First off, it was a good Podcast, but…

    How can our wallet do the voting when we would stop purchasing because it doesn’t give us what we want. I’m not referring to the broken links, but if they did things that could not function in a game originally meant for 8 year old children how could they enjoy the game? By not giving painted figures or by making stuff a little too expensive. Though the economy is obviously different, to suggest that the Master Sets would be out of price range for anyone($70-80) is not a good way to garner support and ultimately more people. Although we realize that anymore “Less is more for the dollar”, it would not cause a Master Set(or a Starter Set if you prefer) with roughly the same amount of terrain and figures as the third Master Set to be much extremely high. It is also well known that you have to make money to get it, but a company that is willing to actually spend money first is the one that will ultimately profit.

  3. Don’t worry about it Jeff. I was referring to myself as one of the crackpots on the site, not necessarily the entire site being considered crackpots by you.

    Although I don’t exactly like the idea of “kids games” getting changed(as I play with my younger relatives), I will continue to buy should it not be marketed as an over the top adult’s game.


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