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TGG Extra 86 – GAMA Trade Show 2014: Matt Hyra and Kat Metzen from Cryptozoic Entertainment

I was really pumped to have an opportunity to chat with Matt Hyra and Kat Metzen, from Cryptozoic Entertainment. As I mention in the interview, I love talking with companies run by cool people and what they did to bail out The Doom that Came to Atlantic City Kickstarter showed plenty of class. You’ll hear us talk about plenty of titles including the Adventure Time Card Wars, The Walking Dead, NHL Power Play, Portal, The Hobbit, Archer, Bravest Warriors, their chart topping DC Comics Deck Building Game, and so much more!

In fact, listen to the interview and then swing over to Cryptozoic’s website because they have tons of interesting titles to check out!

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Jeff McAleer

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  1. Let me tell you, how the DC deck building game inspired me to create a Naruto Deck building game, and within a couple month I find out you guys are doing. -____- Naruto of all things! yes I was very pissed! still am.. but life goes on… Thank you

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