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The Gaming Gang Episode 11 – Guest Alan Emrich and Reviews of Cargo Noir, The Lost Cause, and C&C: Napoleonics

A look at some of the latest gaming news as well as reviews of Cargo Noir from Days of WonderThe Lost Cause from Victory Point Games, and Commands and Colors: Napoleonics from GMT.

The boys also introduce their newest segment, “The Game Plan” featuring their first guest – Alan Emrich from Victory Point Games.

All this and more in a jam packed show!

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Jeff McAleer

Founder/Editor-in-chief of The Gaming Gang website and host of The Gaming Gang Dispatch and other TGG media, Jeff tackles any and all sorts of games but has a special fondness for strategy, conflict sims, and roleplaying games. Plus, he's certainly never at a loss for an opinion...

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  1. I’ve sometimes appreciated the innuendo in past episodes. This episode, I couldn’t get past the first half-hour. It was just too vulgar for me. I’d like to continue to listen, but this week’s show was too much for me. Stick to gaming discussions guys, it’s why most people listen.

    1. I do apologize if the cracks about Janet Jackson, or anything else, was a bit much for your sensiblities. We do gear toward adults listening (although we really keep our language cleaner than what you’d hear during the early primetime hours of any TV network) and those who have lives outside of gaming. I think that the following comment (and many emails we receive) show that our listeners appreciate the fact that we aren’t “NPR wannabes” and don’t take ourselves overly serious.

  2. I just finished listening to the podcast. One of the standout features of your podcast is the editorializing. By that I mean not just the various ways that other podcasters give thumbs up or thumbs down on a game. I am talking about the various rants and ravings of the hosts on game related issues. Whether it is policy decisions of gaming companies or simple gaming etiquette, you guys always have an opinion that you are willing to share. I can get reviews anywhere, but strongly worded opinions from passionate gamers with a dash of humor is what I keep coming back for. I may not always agree with your point of view, but I also enjoy listening. Thanks.

    1. Thanks Pat! I think our outlook, when we got started, was to tackle things going on in the hobby and toss our thoughts around alongside the reviews and news. I’d love to be able to include even more “thoughts on gaming” but it seems that we always run over an hour. We received a lot of emails and such saying that some listeners didn’t want the podcast to run more than 60 minutes. Personally, I always thought two hours would be the right length (especially now that we’ll have more interviews in the show) and many other gaming shows run that length.

      Maybe I’ll bring the current poll to a close and ask people how long they think the podcast should be…

  3. Guys, just discovered the podcast and have listened to this one and the zero episode. Not too bad, a bit ranty for my tastes, but it’s your show, I enjoyed the Victory Point Games segment. I’ve been looking at a couple of their games for a while now (Nemo’s War and Final Frontier for example). I really like that they have a lot of solitaire games.

    1. That interview was a lot of fun to do. The guys at THE GAMING GANG are very nice gentlemen and we’re very pleased to help them however we can.

      1. Thanks Alan, although I’m not so sure about us being gentleman. 🙂

        It’s always a pleasure to have a chance to talk with Alan and something that always stands out to me is his enthusiasm and love of not only the hobby but passing on his knowledge of the art of great game design.

        I really wish we more people got turned on to VPG because they are cranking out a lot of great games!

  4. Another great podcast. Really liked th VPG interview.

    Slightly disagree with Jeff’s take on the gamestores here. It’s true the smelly one is very smelly. And the mall ones are kinda lame, but I think Game Depot in Tempe has a better selection than the other 2 combined.

    1. Ah! That was the game store that I mentioned was pretty cool and that there seemed to be quite a few normal type folk hanging out. Maybe I caught them on a bad day though, because I found their stock of the latest and greatest to be a little bit lacking.

      All in all, it was a very nice store though.

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