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The Gaming Gang Episode 31: Happy Holidays 2011

We’d like to send along good cheer and tidings for this 2011 holiday season and have brought along reviews of Back to the Future from Looney Labs, Eruption from Stratus Games, Mousquetaires du Roy from Rio Grande, and That Scorpion of the Sea: Malta Besieged 1940-1942 from Victory Point Games for you to listen along to as you make your way through the woods to grandmother’s house for that healthy helping of figgy pudding.

Elliott and Jeff also discuss the latest gaming news as well as some titles they really enjoyed playing this past year.

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Jeff McAleer

Founder, editor-in-chief, and host of The Daily Dope and other TGG media. Jeff tackles any and all topics but his main gaming focus is war and strategy, RPGs, and miniatures. He's also a fan of independent and small press comics. Plus, Jeff is certainly never at a loss for an opinion...

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  1. Amazingly fast turnaround on the insightful MALTA BESIEGED review, Jeff – that’s the exact type of engagement factor that we were looking for. It was a very funny podcast, too!

    I do have to say that you’re correct on the complexity issue. As a first-time designer with WE MUST TELL THE EMPEROR, I erred on the side of caution and rated it a ‘4’ when it probably should have been a ‘3’ based on player feedback. MALTA BESIEGED does indeed demand more time and attention to the ever-evolving and dynamic Mediterranean situation, so I’ve asked Alan to officially ramp up the play time to 75 minutes to better reflect that fact – thanks for pointing it out.

    URBAN SPRAWL and DAWN OF THE ZEDS were two of my favorite games of 2011, too (good call).

    Happy Holidays and good Gaming to The Gang in 2012… all the best,


    1. Thanks for providing another great design, Steve! I thought it was important to point out the complexity is a little higher than WMTtE and the States of Siege line as a whole. If you keep this up, VPG might have to create a whole new line for your designs. 🙂

  2. Not sure why iTunes hasn’t updated the feed yet. Too bad podcasters don’t have the ability to ping the iTunes servers anymore to indicate a new show is available.

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