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The Gaming Gang Episode Nine: Tobago, TactDecks, Cookie Fu and More!

Due to unforseen computer issues the show was a day late, but we more than make up for it! James Engelhardt joins Jeff this episode and they take a look at some of the latest gaming news as well as review Tobago from Rio Grande Games, TactDecks from Soiree, Cookie Fu from Blue Kabuto, Sword of Rome from GMT and Astra Titanus from Victory Point Games.

Listeners share the one game they would rather eat broken glass before playing again and Elliott, James and Jeff each share their least favorite games as well.

All this and more in a jam packed episode!

Sorry to take so long! But now the details may be accessed. Thank you for your patience.

Download the show to take it on the go right here!

And don’t forget, TGG is available on iTunes!



News [3:00]
Call-in: Settlers of Catan [28:03]
Game Reviews [28:23]
Call-in: Munchkin Quest [38:30]
Call-in: Caylus [49:48]
War Room sponsored by Victory Point Games [1:05:20]
Call-in: Game of Life [1:18:45]
Thoughts on Gaming [1:26:10]
Glass or…
  • Phase 10
  • Bridge
  • Pictionary
Out [1:35:19]
Jeff McAleer

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