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The Gaming Gang Episode Ten: Backseat Drawing Jr, Nemo’s War, Hornet Leader and More

Elliott is back this episode and the boys take a look at some of the latest gaming news as well as review Backseat Drawing Jr from Out of the Box PublishingStreetcar from Mayfair GamesNemo’s War  from Victory Point Games, and Hornet Leader Carrier Air Operations from Dan Verssen Games.

Unfortunately, James Engelhardt was snowed under with work and we don’t get to hear from our pal this time.

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Jeff McAleer

Founder, editor-in-chief, and host of The Daily Dope and other TGG media. Jeff tackles any and all topics but his main gaming focus is war and strategy, RPGs, and miniatures. He's also a fan of independent and small press comics. Plus, Jeff is certainly never at a loss for an opinion...

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  1. Thanks for the heads up Bob! If the feed pauses for no explicable reason just click on the time mark indicator to rewind a minute or so and it will pick right back up playing. I’m clueless as to why this is happening with the file…

  2. Just want to clarify that Federation Commander is a streamlined SFB and is still pretty tactical. Fed & Empire is the grand strategic fleet scale game.

    And, the original game was bagged, then there was a boxed game that had three bagged expansions. This was then followed by the modular versions.

  3. I liked your little sidetrack on the Nemo ride at Disney. While it’s long gone at Walt Disney World, it came back a few years ago at Disneyland re-themed as the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage. The props are completely re-done, and there are some pretty cool projections of Nemo and friends while underwater, but it is still an eight minute ride with long load times. It’s actually still very popular.

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