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Now Fight the Battle of the Bulge on your iPad

Battle of the Bulge iOSOne of the most anticipated iPad titles lately for wargamers has been John Butterfield’s Battle of the Bulge from Shenandoah Studio. The game is now available from the Apple store and early indications are the title is well deserving of the early hype we’d heard with excellent graphics, an elegant interface, and a top notch AI. You pick up Battle of the Bulge for $9.99.

From Shenandoah:

Battle of the Bulge is a turn-based simulation of the largest battle the U.S. Army ever fought. Lead Axis panzers to the strategic Meuse River, or command the desperate Allied forces containing their advance.

Pincer Attack

Pinch & zoom in on a single unit, or out to see the entire battlefield. Play face-to-face against a friend, online through Game Center, or match wits with challenging computer opponents.

Serious Fun

Designer John Butterfield distilled the urgency and drama of the battle into an elegant, fast-paced game system with fast turns and deep strategy.

BotB Retina Graphics

Jeff McAleer

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