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Tales of Arcana 5E is Available for 5E

Check out over 200 new 5E races in Tales of Arcana

Tales of Arcana (Arcanomicon LLC)An interesting looking new sourcebook for 5E has arrived from Arcanomicon. Discover over 200 new races and more in Tales of Arcana. The 499 page PDF is available for $25.00 at DriveThruRPG.

About the book:

The Tales of Arcana 5E Race Guide features over 200 5E playable races for use as player or non-player characters in your 5E (5th Edition) campaigns. Inside you will find:

  • Over 200 new 5E-compatible races, including vampires, ghosts, cyborgs, and elementals
  • Male and female illustration for each race (except the Slurrn)
  • Flying mechanics that don’t restrict class options
  • Instructions on how to modify races to create your own variant races
  • Lore entries developing Arcana’s history, cosmology, nations, and other tidbits that can be used as plot hooks to inspire your future campaigns
  • Artist credit on the page where the artwork appears

This guide is essential for Story Masters and players who wish to go beyond traditional races like humans, elves, and dwarves. With the races in these pages, you’ll be able to reimagine your roleplaying games and create weird, fantastical campaigns. Even if you have no desire to play 5E, this guide is a great resource for worldbuilding.

Will you play as a forest-dwelling sasquatch or tree squid? Swim the murky depths as a grindylow or merfolk? Or perhaps entertain villagers as a toon or a clown? Perhaps your Story Master will have you square off in combat with the foul-smelling krampus or a band of mischievous kasa-obake? There are races here that will resonate with traditional players as well as newer or younger players.

Welcome, Arcanaut, to your next adventure!

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