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The Arkham Gazette Issue Four has Arrived

The latest Call of Cthulhu The Arkham Gazette issue is here

The Arkham Gazette #4 (Sentinel Hill Press)Sentinel Hill Press has released the latest issue of The Arkham Gazette featuring loads of Call of Cthulhu roleplaying content. Issue four focuses on Kingsport, the fog shrouded port town of legend, located in Lovecraft Country. You can score the 121 page Gazette in softcover (with PDF) for $19.99 or in PDF alone for $14.99 at DriveThruRPG.

About the Gazette:

Then beyond the hill’s crest I saw Kingsport outspread frostily in the gloaming; snowy Kingsport with its ancient vanes and steeples, ridgepoles and chimney-pots, wharves and small bridges, willow-trees and graveyards; endless labyrinths of steep, narrow, crooked streets, and dizzy church-crowned central peak that time durst not touch; ceaseless mazes of colonial houses piled and scattered at all angles and levels like a child’s disordered blocks… 

Welcome to Kingsport! Our long-promised fourth full issue, which we have dubbed “Kingsport: Dreams” has arrived at last. Within these pages we explore some of the mysteries of this fog-draped sleepy village of legend. From the wave-lapped rocks of Pilot Island, to the barnacle-crusted pilings of the dockside, through the crooked lanes and alleys, and spiraling up to the summit of Kingsport Head, Kingsport beckons you.

This issue includes the following thirteen articles:

  • Locations in Greater Kingsport: New places to explore in Kingsport, drawn from earlier scenarios and the minds of our writers.
  • Hooper’s Pond and the Old Brick Powderhouse: Two strange spots west of Kingsport, where odd things have been seen.
  • The Hall School: Only girls from the finest families in the Miskatonic Valley attend this boarding school, like noted alumna Miss Asenath Waite…
  • Neil’s Curiosity Shop and Other Oddities: The collection (and collector) of Kingsport’s strangest tourist attraction is examined.
  • Kingsport Curios: Seven strange artifacts one might find in Kingsport, from a ship in a bottle to a collection of prothetic hands.
  • 13 Kingsport Ghosts: An extended prop document, exploring the many ghost stories of Kingsport, with more scenario hooks than you can shake a harpoon at.
  • Alton Blackington: A historical journalist, photographer, and storyteller, presented as an NPC for your game.
  • Franklin Waite Price: A fictional folk-artist whose favorite subject is Kingsport’s past, descibed as an NPC.
  • De Vermiis Mysteris: A deep-dive into Robert Bloch’s most famed Cthulhu Mythos creation, the nightmarish tome written by the wizard Ludwig Prinn.
  • Visions from Yaddith: An unearthly book of poems, as created by Lin Carter, that laments the doom of an alien world.
  • Dr. Goddard’s Rocket Test: Modern science is coming to Kingsport; this scene allows your investigators to play a role in the famed researcher’s latest attempts in rocketry.
  • Bones of Contention: A scenario of secrets long buried, from the mind of the author of Kingsport: the City in the Mists, himself Kevin Ross.
  • A Kingsport Bibliography: For Keepers who want to explore the stories behind the setting; an annotated list of every Cthulhu Mythos story that includes Kingsport and what details (if any) it provides about the town.

(Our next issue will continue our exploration of Kingsport in “Kingsport: Visions and Nightmares”.)

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