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The Death in Space Roleplaying Game is on the Horizon

Death in Space is coming from Free League

Death in Space (Free League Publishing)Following a successful Kickstarter the OSR inspired Death in Space science fiction roleplaying game will be released through Free League Publishing. The game, Christian Plogfors and Carl Niblaeus of Stockholm Kartell, promises plenty of adventure and danger for your spacecraft crew. The book should carry an MSRP of around $29.99 when it arrives in June.

About the game:

DEATH IN SPACE has its roots in the OSR scene, and follows similar design principles. In terms of setting and tone, inspiration comes primarily from the gritty science fiction of films like Outland and Prospect, classic westerns and the grimy future of early 80’s science fiction movies. 

It is a game about adventure and uncertain journeys out into the darkness of space, it is about you and your crew making a home of your spacecraft or station, in tough competition with everyone else, and most of all, it is about enduring in an abandoned frontier system where your only hope of surviving is to take any contract you can find, sometimes having to put your fate in your enemies’ hands.

Contentwise, the core rulebook contains everything you need to start playing immediately:

  •  Light-weight rules, intended to be easy to use and quick to learn
  • A system for quickly generating player characters and their spacecraft or space-station
  •  60+ different modules to make the spacecraft or space-station your own
  • An introduction to the default setting, the Tenebris stellar system, its main locations and history (with many pieces of the puzzle left for you to fill in)
  • A system for repairs, where you collect spare parts to repair your stuff
  •  20 cosmic mutations, representing physical manifestations of the void through your body
  • A system for spacecraft confrontations and boarding
  • An introductory scenario to jumpstart your campaign
  •  40+ tables and generators packed with setting flavor

Death in Space Interior (Free League Publishing)

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