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The First Issue of the Carcass Crawler OSE ‘Zine has Arrived

OSE fans will want to check out Carcass Crawler

Carcass Crawler #1 (Necrotic Gnome)If you’re a fan of the Necrotic Gnome roleplaying game Old School Essentials then you’ll want to take a peek at their new ‘zine. The first issue of Carcass Crawler contains new classes, races, black powder rules, and lots more. The 32 page PDF is available at DriveThruRPG for $7.50.

About the ‘zine:

The first issue of Carcass Crawler — the official Old-School Essentials zine! Each issue is packed with new material for your games, including new character classes and races, new spells and magic items, new monsters, optional and expanded rules, news, previews of in-development products, short adventures, and more!

In This Issue

  • New classes: Six new character classes! The acolyte, the gargantua, the goblin, the hephaestan, the kineticist, and the mage.
  • New races: Three new character races for Advanced Fantasy games! The gargantua, the goblin, and the hephaestan.
  • Black powder weapons: Complete rules for introducing renaissance-style black powder firearms into your game!
  • Fighter combat talents: Optional rules to give fighters a little extra mechanical perk.
  • d6 thief skills: An optional alternative system for thief skills.
  • Adjudicating thief skills: Optional guidelines for adjudicating the use of thief skills and attempts by other characters to perform similar tasks.

Print Edition

A staple-bound softcover edition of this zine (+ free PDF) is available from Exalted Funeral, along with all of the other books in the Old-School Essentials line.

Note that there is no print-on-demand edition of this book!


All content in Carcass Crawler is 100% compatible with Old-School Essentials and the classic Basic/Expert rules (B/X). It can thus be used with any B/X-based game.

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