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The Gaming Gang Game Auction 2021 – Week Four – Adventures in Middle-earth Collection **Ended**

A special Adventures in Middle-earth offering this week

Hi gang and welcome to the 2021 game auction! Thanks for stopping by to take a peek to help support the site. You might already know I’ve done my best over the years to operate TGG without resorting to Kickstarters or Patreon; in other words continuing to share the latest in gaming news and reviews without dipping into visitors’ or viewers’ pockets. To help keep The Gaming Gang around, I hold an annual auction of games; many of which have been covered on the site and YouTube channel.

Unless noted, all games are in mint condition. They were only played to provide coverage on the website and in videos. They are also compete in every way without any missing or damaged components if no longer in shrink. Obviously, those still in shrink are pristine. These games come from a smoke free home too. That said, all items are sold as is.

Please also keep in mind this isn’t eBay. If you’re bidding it’s because you like The Gaming Gang and find what we do to be valuable, or entertaining, or better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick… I have games which deserve good homes where they’ll be played.

You can make you bids by commenting in the comments section. I ship through USPS. I’ll also delete the email addresses from the comment section once the auction ends for the week and the winner has been contacted.

The comment section for this post is only for bidding. Questions about the auction can be emailed to me at [email protected]. As I’ve already mentioned, all these books are in fantastic condition so please don’t send a bunch of emails asking about conditions. If there’s really, REALLY something else you need to know about then fire off an email and I’ll do my very best to respond within 24 hours.

About this week’s auction:

This week is just a single offering but what a doozie that offering is; all of the Adventures in Middle-earth releases from Cubicle 7 Entertainment! These are out of print and will never be reprinted since the LotR license has moved on to Free League Publishing.

The auction will run from 10am CT August 30th through 10am CT September 6th 2021. These books will be offered this week only, and will not not be offered again, so keep that in mind if you’re up in the air about bidding. Stay tuned for more great games for week five!

Adventures in Middle-earth Collection – Opening bid $600.00.

AiME Collection

> Loremaster’s Guide hardcover
> Player’s Guide hardcover
> Bree-Land Region Guide hardcover
> Lonely Mountain Region Guide hardcover
> Rhovanion Region Guide hardcover
> Rivendell Region Guide hardcover
> Erebor Adventures hardcover
> Eriador Adventures hardcover
> Wilderland Adventures hardcover
> Mirkwood Campaign hardcover
> The Road Goes Ever On softcover (32 pgs)
> Eaves of Mirkwood softcover (32 pgs) & Loremaster’s Screen

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