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‘The Little Gamemaster’ Aims to Introduce Roleplaying to Youngsters

The Little Game Master Cover (Randall Hampton)I stumbled across a fun looking storybook on Kickstarter aimed at introducing children to the wonderful world of fantasy roleplaying. I really dig the art and you have to love the fact author/illustrator Randall Hampton is aiming to bring RPGs to the little ones’ evening story time. The Little Gamemaster is fully funded and you can reserve a copy of the story in digital format for $10 or get the physical book for $18. The project runs through February 24 with an expected delivery in June.

About the project:

The Little Game Master is a book about five friends who, when confronted with boredom, are drawn into the world of table top role playing games. They quickly realize the opportunities for fun and adventure that are available in their own minds. Brad, Gwen, Sam, Aleese, and Zack come together and embark on a journey that is limited only by their own imaginations.

Join our four heroes and their Game Master as they create characters and learn how to traverse the theater of the mind, all the while creating stories and memories that will last a lifetime. Their game begins in a tavern, filled with all kinds of people ready to mingle – or perhaps request the aid of our heroes. Adventure waits around every corner, and our new gamers will soon realize they should always be on their guard!

Depending on your style, how you like to read books to your kids, and whether or not you like to have all the rewards possible, there are different levels to consider when backing this project! Digital art, personalized character shots, even being written into a future book – all of these options and more are available!

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