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The Opinionated Gamers Officially Launched

A new gaming blog, the Opinionated Gamers, officially launched today. There you’ll find game reviews, interesting commentary about our hobby, and twice weekly Board2Pieces comics. You may notice that many of the names of those involved are the same trusted folks you’ll remember from the now defunct Board Game News. Sure, I understand that BGN was folded into BoardGameGeek but it appears that many people involved in BGN are branching out onto their own with OG and that can only be a good thing; more gaming websites means more info for gamers to make intelligent buying decisions!

It looks like a merry band of gamers will be contributing to OG, including:


* Dale Yu


* Greg Aleknevicus
* Jeff Allers
* Ted Alspach
* Frank Branham
* Pat Brennan
* Matt Carlson
* Ted Cheatham
* Jonathan Franklin
* Doug Garrett
* Kris Hall
* Lucas Hedgren
* Matt Horn
* Wei-Hwa Huang
* Joe Huber
* Mark Jackson
* Stephanie Kelleher
* Patrick Korner
* Larry Levy
* Andrea Ligabue
* Craig Massey
* Fraser McHarg
* James Miller
* John Palagyi
* Mary Prasad
* Valerie Putman
* Melissa Rogerson
* Tom Rosen
* Greg Schloesser
* Mike Siggins
* Rick Thornquist
* Brian Yu

I’m sure I speak for Elliott and James when I say we wish the Opinionated Gamers all the best!

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Jeff McAleer

Founder, editor-in-chief, and host of The Daily Dope and other TGG media. Jeff tackles any and all topics but his main gaming focus is war and strategy, RPGs, and miniatures. He's also a fan of independent and small press comics. Plus, Jeff is certainly never at a loss for an opinion...

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  1. Hmm. What is going on here? I’d like to know the inside scoop on this BGN business. I was also disappointed by its loss as I checked it several times a day (BGG gets blocked, but not BGN!).

  2. Well, I’m not here to knock anyone else and what their business model might be. I’ve heard rumors and tales through the grapevine but I’ll leave that for others to mull over; we have way more important things on our plate. OG looks like it’s going to be good though and I’m excited for Dale and his crew – he’s got a lot of good people lined up.

    On a side note, I did notice that the Board Game News section over on BGG went live today and I’d have to say overall I was sorely disappointed and unimpressed. It took two months for them to simply plug in a new module for the forum? I thought folks were promised an all new look and that we’d see BGN as a separate entity? So far the first few posts look like everything else on BGG: bland, lifeless and so 2003…

    I hope this is just a trial run to get familiar with the system in place, mainly because of the hulabalu we heard from the moment the *ahem* merger was announced.

  3. Oh I forgot to mention I was also a paying customer of BGN, thus my interest in its fate! It was my favorite site to check every morning. Haven’t seen the BGG version, but I have mixed feelings about the latest developments in the boardgaming internet world. I value BGG for the database of games and how easy it is to find what you are looking for. Part of me is disappointed that I may have to go elsewhere to find quality reviews, since I assume that the reviews done on this site and others will not be cross posted to BGG.

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