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Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Early Access

The Silver Tablet for Mansions of Madness

The second Print on Demand expansion for Mansions of Madness is now available. The Silver Tablet was actually available at GenCon, which I where I picked up my copy. So, even though I haven’t played it yet I can tell you this:

1 Keeper Setup Card
1 “The Story So Far”/Map Setup Card
1 Seed Cards/Prologue Card
3 Objective Cards
2 Keeper Cards
5 Story Cards
48 Clue/Lock/Artifact/Equipment/Weapon Cards

Here’s a bit of the story to whet your Appetite:

The man in the tweed jacket looks out of place in the seedy, smoke-filled tavern. A weary smile flickers across his face when he sees you walk in. He gestures for you to sit down. As you pull out a chair, he fumbles with a cigarette, lights it, and breathes deep.

“If anyone asks, this never happened,” he says, looking over his shoulder nervously. “I wasn’t here. We never met. We clear on that?”

Satisfied with your nod of agreement, he leans in close, reeking of whiskey and sweat. “I’m the head of the anthropology department at— …well, you don’t really need to know. It’s not the biggest university in the state, but it’s big enough that I’ll never work in my field again if word gets out about this. If they realize that—”

He stops and takes another long drag on his cigarette.

“Her name is Ruth Wolcott. Professor Ruth Wolcott. She came with references and experience. How was I to know? Yes, she was beautiful – beautiful enough for them to say that I hired her for her looks. But she had credentials, I tell ya!

“Anyway, she came to me wanting to study the tablet. I gave in, of course. She took it home with her overnight to study in privacy, and I began to grow suspicious. But when I broached the subject, she threatened to go to the dean about our… unprofessional relationship.

“Now she’s gone missing. So’s the tablet. The university doesn’t know, and if I go to the police, they’ll find out about our affair, and I’ll be finished. But I hear you get things done – find things, retrieve things. I need your help. I need you to go to Ruth’s house and get the silver tablet. Discretely, of course. Bring it here in twenty-four hours, and I’ll make it worth your while…”

For more information or to order your own Print on Demand copy visit the Fantasy Flight Games Website.

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1 Comment

  1. I seem to recall someone I know picked this up at Gen Con. Now who could that be?


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