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The Whispers in the Dark: Quickstart Brings Investigative Horror to 5E

Saturday Morning Scenarios has a new horror supplement for 5E

A new set of quickstart rules caught my eye from Saturday Morning Scenarios. Whispers in the Dark promises to bring investigative horror to your 5E gaming and might be a great fit for those looking to dive into gaslamp, Cthulhu mythos, or noir-ish tales of terror at their game table. The 78 page quickstart rules are avialable at DriveThruRPg for $4.99.

From Saturday Morning Scenarios:

Created by Matt Corley (Tales of the Old Margreve, Ghoul Island, Lamp’s Light Sanitarium) and M.T. Black (Baldur’s Gate: Descent into Avernus, Mordenkainen’s Tome of Marvelous Magic, Waterdeep: City of Encounters) Whispers in the Dark updates the 5e rules you know to facilitate investigative horror roleplaying.

Within the 78 page book you’ll find:

    • Ancestries, backgrounds, and feats to create your investigator
    • Period specific equipment
    • Updated damage, healing, resting, and lingering injuries rules
    • Comprehensive madness and sanity rules
    • The Crow Man: a complete 20 page scenario set in Restoration Era New Orleans
    • 6 pre-generated characters
    • New NPCs and Creatures
    • Handouts
    • Custom Character Sheet

The Crow Man begins with a gruesome murder in the wee hours of October 12th, 1875 only a few blocks from the famed French Quarter in New Orleans. The investigators find themselves drawn into the machinations of a shadow society intent on calling forth a power of ineffable evil.

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