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The World of Alessia Campaign Primer is Available in PDF for 5E

Storm Bunny Studios has a new science fantasy setting

World of Alessia Campaign Primer (Storm Bunny Studios)An interesting looking science fantasy roleplaying setting is now available from Storm Bunny Studios. The World of Alessia Campaign Primer, written by Jaye Sonia, is packed with plenty of upbeat adventure set in a unique universe. The 336 page PDF is available at DriveThruRPG for $29.99.

From Storm Bunny:

In development since 2018, the World of Alessia Campaign Primer: Kickstarter Edition introduces 5e gamers to a futuristic campaign setting that includes a robust cast of new species, new classes, and all the space opera we could slam in the book. Filled with ideas and concepts built around Jere Manninen vision for a new kind of gaming world, game designer and author Jaye Sonia has lovingly crafted a tome of options for players and GMs looking for a completely different approach to playing in the future.

The World of Alessia Campaign Primer gives GMs and players:

  • 27 Playable Species and any accompanying species synergies those species enjoy when they work or adventure together. Each species in Alessia replaces the ‘races’ of traditional fantasy games, removing much of the cultural and social assumptions about those species. Alessia’s elves do not, for instance, “hate” dwarves. Instead, these futuristic species have evolved beyond such petty relationships. We include no mechanical benefits for hating another individual player at the table simply because of the species they’ve selected.
  • 9 Classes designed specifically for Alessia that players and GMs can easily export to other 5e games. These classes include the arcanist, the marauder, the monk, the ninja, the oracle, the psion, the seer, and the tecker.
  • Each class comes with a new complement of associated abilities.
  • A full chapter of new feats, new skills, and new backgrounds to help round out your character.
  • Optional rules for skyship combat and two sample skyships.
  • New vehicles, weapons, armor, and exoskeletons for characters.
  • A full chapter of 5e compatible spells including a special selection of psychic powers (for the psion class).
    334full-color pages of content you can spend days reading.
  • Includes the short story Friends in Low Places by New York Time’s best-selling author Erik Scott DeBie.
  • Plenty of new ideas to help change your play space.Built to be compatible with the world’s most popular roleplaying game, The World of Alessia Campaign Primer gives players a radically different approach to the future. If you come expecting dark dystopias or a mindless monocultures, please turn around; we’ve built something different for gamers.

World of Alessia Campaign Primer Interior (Storm Bunny Studios)

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