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This May Thievery Pays in ‘Prowler’s Passage’

Prowler's Passage (Renegade Game Studios)A new two-player title is arriving this Spring from Renegade Game Studios. In Prowler’s Passage, each player represents a thief burrowing underneath a city in a race to plunder riches. The game is for ages 12+, plays in around 25 minutes, and will carry an MSRP of $35.00 when it arrives in May.

From Renegade:

In the heart of the sleeping city lies incredible wealth.  While the gates to the city are well guarded, no one is watching what’s under their feet.  The dead of night provides just enough cover for you to tunnel towards untold riches to plunder the city from within.  Act quickly, as a rival thief has the same plan.

In Prowler’s Passage, you and a competing thief will burrow into the city through a network of underground passages to grab valuable items while attempting to gain control of key districts.  Steal the best items, create the longest tunnels, and control districts to become the premier prowler!


  •  Build a network of under grown passages to plunder the city!
  •  Control districts to increase your reach!
  •  Plunder valuables and complete achievements to gain the most wealth!
  •  For 2 Thieves Ages 12+
  • Enjoy in 25 min.


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