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This Week Score the Sanctuary of Belches Adventure Free from Kobold Press

Grab the free Kobold 5E adventure while you can

Kobold Press continues to provide weekly free RPG content and this week brings the adventure Sanctuary of Belches. The 5E tale is for a group of 5th level characters hired to delve into a mysteriously fetid and stinking temple. Use the code SaferatHomeBelches all this week to snag the adventure for free.

From Kobold Press:

Things are bad in the village of Olsha. Weeks ago, the sound of a monstrous horn began to drift down from the ice hills at all hours of the day and night. Nobody can sleep, everyone’s nerves are frazzled, and the animals are nervous and aggressive. A scout followed the sound to a stone doorway that led into carved halls and caves. A foul smell emanated from the place, and strange belch-like sounds rumbled deep within…

Sanctuary of Belches is a whimsical—and frankly, kind of gross—5th edition compatible temple delve for four 5th-level characters. The PCs will face cruel northern fey, orcs, duergar, giants, and more. DMs will find four new magic items, and advice on running the adventure in the Midgard Campaign Setting or any fantasy setting.

The horn is sounding again, calling to an ancient evil beneath the ice. Hurry, before it rises!

This adventure for 5th level characters features monsters from the 5th Edition MM and from the Tome of Beasts.

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