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Tumble Town Arrives in December from Weird Giraffe Games

A new town building game is on the horizon

Tumble Town (Weird Giraffe Games)This December will see the release of Tumble Town from Weird Giraffe Games. In the game, designed by Kevin Russ, players will look to use dice in order to build a variety of locales to create the best Old West town. Tumble Town is for one to four players, ages 8+, plays in around 40 to 60 minutes, and will carry an MSRP of $39.99 when the game hits stores next month.

From Weird Giraffe:

Build the best tiny town in the West in this town and engine building game for 1-4 players that plays in about 45 minutes.

As the mayor of a small community, it’s up to you to construct the best town possible. Choose from a selection of building plans choosen at the last town meeting and get constructing! Each building plan lets you mine a certain type of material and shows what values of materials are needed to build, as each building has different requirements.

Buildings can give you different abilities to be used on each of your turns, from manipulating the dice materials to be different values, to being able to transform specific die materials into other materials, to giving you extra points for building certain types of buildings.

  • Draft Building Plans: Only certain buildings are available each round, so draft the plans that work the best in your town.
  • Dice Manipulation: Certain buildings can let you manipulate the dice, making it easier to continue building!
  • Limited Dice: Buildings require certain dice types, so take strategically to make sure you can complete your town.
  • Spatial Puzzle: Place your constructed buildings along Main Street to create your town! The townspeople want a specific look for the town and if you meet their requirements, you’ll gain even more prestige!Can you build the best town in the West?

Tumble Town Layout (Weird Giraffe Games)

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