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Two Figures from Wyrd to Get You Into the Easter Spirit

Wyrd Miniatures has two new minis that are going to crack a smile while also tackling the Easter season. Plus, both figures can be used on the tabletop in your Malifaux games and aren’t simply for display! For some reason whenever I look at these I think of Ralphie’s present, from his aunt, at the end of A Christmas Story

From Wyrd:

Gremlins get into everything – even the holidays!
Now available to order in the online store. The little green things will start shipping from Monday April 2nd.You will have until the end of April to get hold of one of these speshul gremlins.

WYR5074 – Egg Hauler – $15
WYR5073 – War Rooster – $22
Egg Hauler counts as a Slop Hauler
War Rooster counts as a Warpig
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Jeff McAleer

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Ace Turley
Ace Turley
10 years ago

These remind me of Ralphie’s Easter Bunny costume too! What a riot!

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