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Vault 5e: Uncharted Journeys Rolls Past Kickstarter Goal

Uncharted Journeys (Cubicle 7 Entertainment/Vault 5e)Vault 5e and Cubicle 7 Entertainment are currently running a Kickstarter to bring the fantasy travel supplement Uncharted Journeys to the public. The book promises to make getting from here to there in your D&D adventures far more memorable for players and DMs. Uncharted Journeys is fully funded and you can reserve a copy of the hardcover and PDF for a $50.00 pledge, or score the PDF alone for a $30.00 pledge, through October 4th. Expected delivery is this December for the PDF and next April for the hardcover.

About the book:

“It’s not the destination, it’s the journey.”

From the award-winning team that brought you Doctors and Daleks, Adventures in Middle-earth, and Victoriana 5e comes Uncharted Journeys! Uncharted Journeys brings detailed travel rules to the 5th edition of the world’s most popular roleplaying game and provides in-depth yet simple rules for creating memorable and compelling journeys. Make travel a fun and rewarding part of your 5e game!

Undertake perilous journeys as your intrepid party blazes new trails across strange and uncharted lands. Strike out across unforgiving tundra and forge your path through deadly jungles as you battle to reach your destination. Experience travel in 5e as never before with thousands of possible encounters. Meet strange and unforgettable characters along the road, and uncover lost and forgotten ruins. Expand your 5e experience with new character abilities.

Your journey starts here!

Jeff McAleer

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