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Play ‘Sparta: War of Empires’ Free Online

Sparta: War of EmpiresSparta: War of Empires is an MMORTS available via browser, meaning this multi-player game can be played directly online with no need of download. MMORTS stands for a massively multiplayer online game which combines the strategy, diplomacy and resource management programs.

The gamer avatar is that of the ruler, warrior and chief diplomat of a city-state all in one. The game is set in the semi-fictional historical backdrop during the 5th century B.C. in Sparta. One of the primary game tasks is for you to grow your city and enlarge it into a powerful empire through resources and a powerful army, if you want to read more you should look up the game guide which give more detailed information.

Sparta: War of Empires is truly a strategy game as you will need to conquer your enemies, repel the invaders out of Greece, and fortify your empire so it is protected from foreign attacks. For this you can follow the tutorial which is under the supervision of Leonidas, King of Sparta. As in every good strategic game, arms control is not enough to win in this game, you will need to muster the art of politics and diplomacy.

The MMO aspect of Sparta: War of Empires involves entering into smart alliances and cooperating; the more people you have on your side the more powerful you will be while battling against your enemies. Thus your ability towards diplomacy and your business sense is very much needed during this game. Let’s not forget the importance of trade and commerce in order to enhance and grow your city.

All you need is to do is register to play with millions other gamers with Sparta: War of Empires. The game is free and sure to be a lot of fun for those who like the genre.

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