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The Slender Game Full of Scares for Free

To continue Creepy Wednesday coverage, I also heard about “Slender” on the Darkness Radio show. Slender is a really creepy PC game based upon the Slender Man mythology springing up all over the Internet.

The game is ideally played alone in the dark, with headphones on. That is, if you actually want to get a good scare on. The game builds upon a creepy setting where you are walking through some dark woods armed only with a flashlight. Your mission is to collect eight sheets of paper attached to various objects around the woods. There is no map, there are no directions aside from walking, running, picking up papers, and turning the flashlight on or off.

Meanwhile, the Slender Man is looking for you. He is a very tall pale creature with thin limbs wearing a suit, and having no face. You will catch glimpses of him, but beware. If he gets too close or you look for too long he gets you and the game is over.

The music and effects are intended to build suspense. As you find more pages and the Slender Man gets closer, the music intensifies. The overall effect is to scare the bejeesus out of you, and it is quite effective.

It only takes a few minutes to play a game, and best of all it is free. If you are looking for something to give you a good scare, try Slender. They have also posted some reaction videos on the site, so you can see how other people have reacted playing the game. This is almost as nerve-racking as playing the game yourself, and the reactions are hilarious.

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