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Void Pirates Offers Skirmish Level SF Miniatures Action

A new set of SF minis rules have arrived

Void Pirates (Four Color Studios)Four Color Studios has released a new set of skirmish level, science fiction miniature rules. Void Pirates will allow players to create a crew of spacers who set out tackling adventure across the galaxy. The 110 page PDF is available at DriveThruRPG for $7.95.

About the book:

Void Pirates ply the spaceways and backwater worlds of the Far Millennium seeking adventure and riches! This set of modified Goalsystem rules allows you to build a small crew of bounty hunters, hardened spacers, intrepid explorers, galactic crusaders, or whatever your model collection allows! Play skirmish games with as few as two models per side and up to about six models per side. 

Detailed character creation and campaign rules allow you to create unique crew members and watch them change and grow as they survive desperate battles on the galactic fringes! All you need to play are a few figures (10mm – 28mm), a handful of six-sided dice, a metric measuring tape, and a yearning to tell cool stories on the tabletop! 

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