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Volfyirion Card Game Returns This Spring from Tabula Games

The two player card game Volfyirion returns

Volfyirion (Tabula Games)This Spring will see a new print run for the Tabula Games fantasy card game Volfyirion. In the game, the players battle for control of cities with their armies with the threat of bring the titular dragon to the battlefield. Volfyirion is for one or two players, ages 14+, plays in 15 to 30 minutes, and will carry an MSRP of $29.00 when it returns Q2 2022.

About the game:

Volfyirion is a competitive and fast paced deck-building card game for 1-2 players, set in the wonderful world of Mysthea.

If you enjoy a quick and intense match with a lot of strategic choices, you are going to love it!

You will have to destroy your opponent cities while defending yours.

Employ your army, use your special power or, if you are brave enough, try to tame the dragon Volfyirion and have it unleash destruction on the battlefield. But beware: your opponent will try to do the same!

Volfyirion is a game set in the wonderful world of Mysthea, sixty years before the events of the main game. It’s a competitive and fast paced deck-building card game for two players.

In the game you will employ everything you have trying to destroy all your opponent cities. Your army and Qoam manipulation will be your most reliable asset, but you will also be able to try to tame and control Volfyirion the Dragon: a dreadful beast that can bring destruction on the battlefield on your behalf. But beware: your opponent will try to do the same!

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